We are frequently asked how to transplant cacti and succulents. Here are some basic transplanting guidelines:

Step 1: Cover the hole with a piece of window screen, rock or broken terra cotta.
Step 2: Cover the bottom with a little cactus mix
Step 3: No Gloves? A Really Spiny Cactus? Helpful Hint: Wrap the cactus with a rolled up newspaper to prevent the spines from piercing your fingers.
Step 4: Squeeze the sides of the container to loosen the soil. Hold the newspaper firmly around the cactus.
Step 5: Place the cactus in the pot and adjust it slightly so that it sits in the middle of the pot.
Step 6: Add the cactus mix up to the soil line.
Step 7: Tap the soil down with a dippler.
Step 8: For a neat appearance sprinkle stones around the cactus.

The finished product. We normally do not water the cactus right away. We wait a few days before we water. But you can water slightly to clean the dirt around the cactus.

If you are transplanting or moving columar cacti or branching cacti, it is wise to put crumbled newspaper between the branches. This technique prevents the spines from damaging the cacti’s sides.