The “Christmas Cactus” (Schlumbergera bridesii hybrid) belongs to a group of epiphytic cacti native to South America. You may see these vibrant blooming succulents during the holidays, yet you can grow and enjoy the “Christmas Cactus” throughout the year. To ensure that you will have a collection of ” Christmas Cactus,” you can try to propagate cuttings. Although the “Christmas Cactus” is difficult to propagate, you can follow this propagation guide:

Break off a piece of the plant that is about 4 to 5 inches long.
Put the cutting in the soil to a depth of at least ¾ of an inch.
Plant the cutting in a well-drained mixture such as “Cactus Mix,” which you may be able to find from your local nursery. If you cannot find “Cactus Mix,” you can make your own soil: Use one part compost, loam and, peat or standard potting mix, one part perlite or pumice.
Use a small pot that is about 4” in diameter.
After the “cutting has dried for at least a week, dampen the soil.
Cover the plant with a clear plastic bag (or sit a large freezer bag) and place it in strong but not direct light.
Water only when the soil is dry.
New growth should appear in a couple of months.
Do not fertilize it until the plant is growing.