Lacking the spines that most Agaves possess, the Agave Attenuata has 2 feet wide leaves that are soft green or gray green. The leaves are somewhat translucent with no spines. Originating from Mexico, the Agave Attenuata grows well in partial sun and will tolerate seaside conditions. In the spring the Agave Attenuata blossoms into greenish yellow on spikes that can reach between 12-24 feet long. It can be grown in moist or dry soils (looks best with regular watering) but, it will not take frosts below 28 °F.

You can protect this particular Agave with a frost cloth. Although it may take up to 10 years for the Agave Attenuata to bloom, this succulent still maintains a beautiful rosette shape that is compatible with other succulents or solely as a landscape piece.