Transplanting Barrel Cactus Echinocactus grusonii “Golden Barrel Cactus

Step 1: Place a piece of screen over hole.
Step 2: Fill pot with cactus mix.
Step 3: Make an indention in the middle of the soil
Step 4: Wear gloves: Tap the sides of the pot to loosen the cactus.
Step 5: Remove the barrel cactus.
Step 6: Put crumble newspapers on the side of the cactus spines. Gently lift the cactus into the pot.
Step 7: Center the barrel cactus in the pot.
Step 8: Tap the soil around the barrel cactus.
Step 9: Wait a week then lightly water the cactus.
Step 10: Surround the cactus with rocks or gravel of your choice