Native to South Africa, the Lithops species or also known as “Living Stones” has a unique appearance of resembling rocks or pebbles. The name “Lithops” is from Ancient Greek (lithos) refers to stone and (ops) means face.

The best way to care for this succulent is to refrain from watering during the summer. They become dormant between June and August. The leaves become dry and start to peel.

During the winter months, resume watering about every 2-3 weeks. When the Lithops enter the growing season, new leaves appear and grow inside the existing fused leaf pair. They have small yellow or white flowers that come through the fissure or center of the leaves. The leaves are muted colors of grey, beige or brown with interesting patterns of dots and lines. To protect itself in the environment, the Lithops rock-like appearance blends with the surroundings.