May is a month to celebrate the warm climate and important events like Mother’s Day. Give the beauty and simplicity of a container garden filled with assorted succulents to someone special in your life.Choose vibrant colors and a variety of shapes from Echeverias to Semperviviums to create a stunning container garden.

Ceramic pots add more color and make a dramatic impact
Create a natural fall setting for your table or patio with a container garden. Container gardening is especially adapted to contemporary living. Even with small spaces, you can make a bold and colorful statement with container gardens. With a variety of plants to choose from, cacti and succulents offers a year round visual interest. Due to the versatility of cacti and succulents, they display a great variety of shapes, forms, and colors. You can virtually use any type of container for cacti and succulents provided that there is adequate drainage to prevent root and stem rot. Here are container gardens in clay, ceramic, and strawberry pots.

Strawberry pots allow allow for more creativity
Plants in containers are compatible with any decor, be it the straight horizontal and vertical lines of contemporary architecture or the more comfortable lines of the early American home. You can match your decor with seasonal plants that offer beautiful flowers and after blooming, will still offer simple beauty and texture.

You can conveniently relocate a container garden from one space to another, from outdoors in the summer and indoors during the cooler months. They can also be used to create instant indoor gardens when the climate changes and container gardens must be protected from extreme heat and cold.