Mini succulents
Perfect for small indoor or outdoor spaces, these mini succulents are low maintenance and lovely addition to your succulent garden. While a few will outgrow its original container, the succulents as seedlings or small offsets still make a lovely statement for your home.

Aeonium sedifollum “Tiniest Aeonium species” is native to Western Islands Tenerife and has yellow flowers. A lovely succulent with tiny lime green rosettes that grows to no more than 6 inches tall. Full sun or filtered light is ideal for this plant. Hardy to about 30-35° F. Wonderful in fairy gardens or as a miniature bonsai succulent.

Kalanchoe luciae “Paddle Plant” is native to Africa and has white-yellow flowers on a tall stalk. A beautiful succulent that can grow to 1-2 feet tall. If given direct sun, the pads turn very red. Hardy to about 27° F. Great for landscapes and containers.

Pachpyodium lamerii “Madagascar Palm” is native to the island of Madagascar and has white, fragnant flowers. This seedling can eventually grow to 19 feet tall in nature. This succulent can tolerate full sun and little water. Protect from frost. Stunning plant for your landscape or patio.